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We have undertaken nothing less than a rethink in process optimisation. To do this, we have packed a new perspective, a new framework and a notation into a cloud-based software solution. There may still be questions. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What distinguishes the Eptacon suite from existing process management solutions?

Eptacon is a process improvement company. We have developed a framework explicitly designed for optimisation initiatives. Basically, you can find all the features of other BPM solutions (modelling, analysis, optimisation) in our Eptacon Process Improvement Suite. In addition, our solution provides you with greater transparency, faster delivery of results, more consistent and error-free data processing and more specific optimisation measures. All in one tool.

What is it about the new framework and the proprietary notation that Eptacon has developed?

Admittedly, current standards provide important guidance as they are used by all market participants. Nevertheless, we believe that some aspects need to be rethought and redesigned in view of the dynamic and complex changes in the market. Process management systems can inhibit efficient optimisation processes due to their requirement to record and document everything comprehensively. In addition, there is often a kind of "black box" between the actual state and the target state, which means gaps in information and knowledge and hinders real improvements.

Based on these considerations, we have developed a holistic approach that is specifically geared towards the digitalisation and improvement of service processes. Based on a specially developed notation - Business Process Improvement Notation (BPIN) - our solution enables differentiated process recording and standardised measurement and evaluation of process complexity and process performance.

Why don't you use the BPMN notation standard for your software?

BPMN is in fact the current standard when it comes to modelling business processes. 

Despite all its fundamental advantages, however, we see weaknesses in BPMN in the context of BPI initiatives, which we want to eliminate with an appropriate notation. This is why we have developed SYPCAN©. The world's first complexity-orientated notation for benchmark-capable measurement and evaluation of process performance and process complexity. BPIN has been developed to capture exactly the level of detail that is practicable for meaningful process visualisation and complexity measurement.

What is special about the SYPCAN© notation language?

This notation was developed specifically for BPI initiatives for business processes. SYPCAN© [saipkaen] is the world's first complexity-oriented modelling language that measures and evaluates process complexity and process performance in a standardised way.

SYPCAN© was developed by Eptacon and captures exactly the level of detail required for meaningful process visualisation and process measurement.

All process variables are integrated into 36 shapes that have been specially developed for recording and analysing service processes.

Each process object has a standardised data menu for individual entries and offers the option of labelling process objects with features such as compliance, data protection or IT security and thus carrying out analyses at the touch of a button.

Every process object is a small database! Download BPIN-Poster.

What kind of support and training does Eptacon offer its customers?

Proper onboarding of customers is very important to us. For this reason, we have created the Eptacon Academy. In addition to compact tutorials, we also offer in-depth modular training for our solution. It is particularly important to us that you and your employees can exploit the full potential of the Eptacon Process Improvement Suite through targeted training to make your optimisation initiatives successful.

What happens if I have already recorded or modelled my processes with BPMN?

First, congratulations! Because your processes are already documented. With the help of our notation translator (from BPMN to SYPCAN©), we save you multiple tasks. This allows you to fully utilise the advantages of our solution.

What are the costs of using the Eptacon Process Improvement Suite?

The price for using the Eptacon Process Improvement Suite depends on several factors such as the number of processes and the type of operation. We will be happy to provide you with further information at any time.


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