Optimize & evaluate

The Eptacon Improver - data-based optimization

The Eptacon Improver guarantees the added value of your optimization projects and noticeably increases their chances of success. No more initiatives that come to nothing and cause frustration.

After a complete evaluation of the actual process in the previous modules, this module develops a concrete catalogue of measures with the focus on developing a target process.


Eptacon Improver


How it works

The results of the detailed as-is-process evaluation in the Eptacon Analyzer are automatically transferred to the Eptacon Improver and translated into coordinated and synchronized methods:

  • Process-SWOT

  • Relationship diagram

  • Cause-effect analysis

  • Feasibility analysis (OSRA© - Optimization, Suitability & Risk Analysis)

  • Profitability analysis

  • Balanced scorecard

Based on the resulting catalogue of measures, a to-be-process model is developed in which all derived optimization measures are conceptually integrated. The target process is then compared with the actual process and simulated.

You see the benefits of your optimisation before you have invested a cent in the project