The formula for business success - efficient business processes

Use the world's only complexity-oriented, scalable and IT-supported framework for optimizing processes.  

Execute the entire optimization cycle in ONE tool and develop concrete measures in a third of the time of conventional solutions. 


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  • Made in Germany
Why Eptacon?

Because we re:think process optimization!


We help organizations achieve unprecedented transparency and in-depth insights right from the modelling phase.

How do we achieve this?

With our innovative modelling language, which is characterized by a high degree of differentiation. In this language, the shapes become powerful mini databases that provide deep insights into the health of your processes.


"Complexity is the enemy of execution." This expression emphasizes the importance of process simplification. Complexity is often the main reason why many change projects fail.

Not with us!

With the world's first method for identifying, visualizing and controlling process complexity, you can weigh up whether the effort is worth it. Avoid optimization initiatives coming to nothing and save time, resources and money.


Clear and efficient processes mean a real competitive advantage. The faster an organization achieves this efficiency, the better company resources are used and deployed for priority projects. 

With our solution, you can achieve results three times faster than with conventional approaches!


Forget time-consuming manual detours, system-related conflicts and compatibility hurdles when using methods.

The Eptacon Process Improvement Suite is an application with embedded optimization methods. It ensures error-free and consistent project management and seamlessly transfers partial and interim results from previous improvement phases to subsequent analyses.

A real game changer!

How it works

Capturing, analyzing and optimizing - fast, transparent and scalable

Others document the process - we optimize it! Maximum transparency, based on key figures and results oriented.


What our customers say

"Working with Eptacon has transformed our ability to meet the highest quality standards while increasing our efficiency. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have made a significant contribution to our ongoing success."

Ingo Meierhans
Managing Director
Meierhans GmbH

"Eptacon has helped us to organise our processes transparently and efficiently and to make comprehensible decisions."

Aik Zegai
Managing Director
RecruitMed GmbH & Co. KG

"Gemeinsam mit Eptacon und Ihrem Optimierungsansatz ist es uns gelungen, unseren Retourenprozesses effizienter und transparenter zu gestalten und einen messbaren Impact auf unser Geschäft zu erzielen."

Oliver Lübbenjans
Managing Director
Our philosophy

Today shapes tomorrow

Whether due to changing customer requirements, new regulations or technological advances - organizations are under increasing pressure to adapt.

We are convinced that only a harmonious interplay of people, technology and organizational structure can ensure long-term corporate success.

Managing and shaping change is our core business.

Our mission is to empower companies, their teams and consultants through advanced technologies and intelligent processes to maximize satisfaction and success and increase competitive advantage.


Secure your entrepreneurial future now!

Transformation starts with solid preparation. Discover how our solution makes your processes more efficient and delivers outstanding results