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BPM vs. BPI - comparison, differentiation and software solutions

Processes are the foundation of almost every business and play a crucial role in its success or failure. The ability to efficiently manage customers and internal resources through various business processes such as sales, onboarding, billing, custome…

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Process optimisation

The top 7 pitfalls in process optimization projects - and how to skilfully avoid them

Process optimization plays an invaluable role in today's business environment. To remain competitive, you need more than just a rough understanding of your own processes. Only those companies that know their processes in detail, regularly review them…

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Process modelling

Innovative process modelling and what it has to do with a house foundation!

Both our private and professional lives are shaped by digitalization, globalization and constant change. In this context, it is essential for companies not only to know their processes, but also to continuously improve them. Process modelling plays a…

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Process complexity

Process complexity - what companies have to struggle with!

Introduction: In the era of digitalization, organizations need to adapt and develop resilience more than ever. The introduction of new technologies, the transformation of organizational structures and the dynamics of working environments open up new …

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Process optimisation

Check, optimize, automate: The process triad to success for SMBs

In Germany, small and medium-sized enterprises account for an impressive 99% of all companies and are responsible for 82% of national value creation. They are the solid foundation of our economy. But this foundation is facing current challenges such …

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