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Optimize your business processes - with one tool!

The Eptacon Process Improvement Suite gives you a holistic perspective on your business processes.

Our suite enables you to model your processes, carry out process analyses and develop targeted optimizations - all integrated in one solution.

An innovative framework that is explicitly geared towards optimization initiatives in the service sector bundles the entire improvement cycle into a cloud-based solution in which all modules and methods are coordinated and data transfers are automated.

Secure a stable and sustainable future for your company with a forward-looking process culture.


The first integrated solution for optimizing business processes


The flow

The life cycle of optimizations

How it works

Capturing, analyzing and optimizing processes - fast, transparent and scalable

Others document the process - we optimize it! Maximum transparency, based on key figures and results oriented.

See & understand

The Eptacon Modeller - More than just modelling

Every improvement initiative starts with the groundwork: process mapping.

The Eptacon Modeller does not use common tools such as BPMN, as their abstract nature means that they do not collect enough detailed information.

We are breaking new ground with a new notation.

Analyze & detect

The Eptacon Analyzer - deep dive at the touch of a button

Time-consuming analyses are now a thing of the past.  With the Eptacon Analyzer, deep-dive process analyses become a simple exercise. Automated data transfer from the Eptacon Modeller allows you to easily identify non-value-adding activities, compare process efficiency and analyze process maturity.

Optimize & Evaluate

The Eptacon Improver - data-based optimization

The Eptacon Improver goes beyond simply uncovering potential. It detects the underlying causes, precisely evaluates risks and controls the realization of this potential.

Despite a high degree of standardization, the Eptacon Improver guarantees maximum flexibility and scalability thanks to its intelligent architecture.


Secure your entrepreneurial future now!

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