Analize & detect

The Eptacon Analyzer - deep dive at the touch of a button

Thanks to automated data transfer from the Eptacon Modeller, the Eptacon Analyzer provides precise insights into the status of your processes in a matter of moments. No manual effort, no errors, no compatibility problems.

Accelerated and reliable insights increase internal acceptance for transformation projects.


Efficiency meets precision


How it works

You have captured and visualized your performance processes in the Eptacon Modeller. Our Process Improvement Suite automatically transfers all data to the Eptacon Analyzer.

At the touch of a button, you receive meaningful reports that show the current status quo of your business processes.

Analysis highlights include:

  • Degree of aggregation

  • Basic and extended complexity values

  • added value

  • Runtime

  • Process maturity

  • Process structure

A total of 15 standardized and process-relevant reports are available for evaluating the as-is situation.